NOISES (working title)

Produced by Liam D. Millard

Directed by Daniel Alexander


After an interest in the real life occurrence of unexplained sounds that have occurred from the skies in countries around the world, myself and my team were inspired to explore the phenomenon through film. The subject has a huge following, with videos and even news reportings that have received 10’s of millions of views.


We have decided it would be the perfect subject for a feature film, in which we aim to pitch to Netflix and other streaming platforms. In order to do this, we are planning to secure funding to move this into production, meaning we need to produce a ‘proof of concept’ video (2.30mins) to showcase the tone of the film we are trying to make.



When a terrifying phenomenon can be heard from all corners of the earth, a conflicted prime minister battles with how to best serve the general public after discovering the disturbing truth behind its true nature. A loving father and husband is determined to understand this mystery, but quickly finds himself in a race against time as the strange sounds begin to reveal a devastating revelation that will change the face of the world as we know it.


Filming Location: Birmingham

Duration: All roles require 1 day of filming

Pay: Expenses



Character Breakdown


Sex: Female

Age: 30-50

Ethnicity: Open

MADELEINE is the PRIME MINISTER's second in command. A strong, independent and professional woman who sometimes blurs the line between moral decisions and business acumen. MADELEINE has stepped on many toes to get to her position and will do anything to make sure, she is on the winning side.


Sex: Female

Age: 25-35

Ethnicity: Open

ELISSIA Is the girlfriend/wife to our lead actor ETHAN. A strong woman in more ways than one, who shows great leadership skills and a strong sense of decency even in the face of tough decisions. Never one to back down, she will quickly fight for what she loves and what she believes in.


Sex: Open

Age: Open

Ethnicity: Open

NEWS REPORTERS are very important to this feature film. We are specifically looking for actors who are fluent in CHINESE, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, POLISH and ITALIAN but open to all who can speak a 2nd language other than ENGLISH. They will be playing the role of a news reporter, performing pieces to camera reports on a variety of world changing events.


For more information or to apply, then please send your showreel and headshots to  email: Phone: 07456599555


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