Revised 2nd October 2016


For queries relating to our terms & conditions please contact us at info@danielalexanderfilms.com


Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are the sole basis by which Daniel Alexander Films and Client hereby accepts said terms and conditions on both sides as evidenced by their bank deposit for their proposed video production.


Code of Conduct

Daniel Alexander Films’ videographers will always consider the requirements and desires of the Client in terms of video capture, editing, and style, but reserve the right to use their professional opinion in any circumstance.


We use professional well-maintained equipment, however we will not be liable for any battery failures, equipment failure and or material defects, which are beyond our control. In the unlikely event of a total video equipment related failure our liabilities are limited to a refund of all monies paid by the Client(s).


We keep a master copy of your video in our archives for up to four weeks after a completed project. You may order additional copies within this period as required at the current cost of duplication and delivery. If you wish to order additional copies after three months we cannot guarantee that the master will be available.


The Client has viewed samples of Daniel Alexander Films work and is completely satisfied with its quality and with Daniel Alexander Films’ video production capabilities and artistic style. Changes in the finished product to accommodate aesthetic or personal tastes may result in additional fees or be denied if it steers away from the original concept or non achievable with existing content.


Daniel Alexander Films reserves the right to remove equipment and personnel from any event for any reason when, in the opinion of the Daniel Alexander Films’ crew chief, there is sufficient potential to cause equipment damage or personal injury to the Daniel Alexander Films crew.


The Client agrees to ensure they have their own liability insurance to cover any persons and objects featured or used within the production.



All locations arranged by the Client for filming should have adequate free parking for the vehicles required by Daniel Alexander Films. If there is no free parking available, the fee for paid parking will be covered by the Client.



Video will be completed and ready for delivery within two weeks of the final cleared invoice providing the Client has provided Daniel Alexander Films with the required components needed to complete the works. The final video will be delivered using Internet transfer technologies. If the final deposit of monies is outstanding by the Client and not paid on the agreed payment date which is decided by Daniel Alexander Films, or the Client fails to respond to communication made by Daniel Alexander Films in regards to the delivery or any aspect of the final video on or after the agreed payment date, then Daniel Alexander Films reserve the right to terminate the contract with the Client and withhold all recorded materials. If the Client fails to make payments for the final delivery by the agreed completion date then additional charges will be incurred for breach of contract and Daniel Alexander Films reserve the right to cancel all prior contractual obligations.


Video Rights

The Client gives permission that Daniel Alexander Films reserves the right to use any or all of the video and digital photos for Daniel Alexander Films’ promotional, marketing and/or advertising purposes. VPL rights belong to the owner of the video production in question. Where a video production has been paid for in full by the Client, then the Client would own the VPL unless otherwise agreed. If the video production is not paid for in full by the agreed payment date then Daniel Alexander Films owns 100% of the VPL.


Daniel Alexander Films reserves the rights to display and feature any works they have produced via their website, Youtube, Vimeo or any other media outlet associated or used to display works made by Daniel Alexander Films.


Daniel Alexander Films will ensure any persons they personally hire will have been subjected to signing a release form agreeing to featuring in the project in which they are featured. It is not the responsibility of Daniel Alexander Films nor will Daniel Alexander Films accept any liability for persons featured within a production which Daniel Alexander Films has not personally hired. Clients will need to ensure that any persons featuring within a production has the sufficient permissions to appear in any application where the production may appear. Also the Client is responsible for ensuring any persons featured within the production is of suitable age and have the necessary permissions to be involved.



In the unlikely event of serious personal injury or emergency circumstances beyond the control of Daniel Alexander Films, a substitute videographer, subject to the acceptance by the Client, may be dispatched to fulfil the obligations of the contract. If securing a videographer is not possible, or if the Client declines such substitution, the Client will receive a full refund of deposit.



50% of the total fee is required at the time of confirmation of the proposed production filming date. All payments are made via bank transaction to ensure maximum safety for Daniel Alexander Films and the Client. The deposit is non-refundable at the point the Client agrees to the terms and conditions of the proposed production, which is acknowledged by payment of the deposit. Daniel Alexander Films can not take responsibility for alterations in the production contents and/or in the delivered service including external agencies, hired staff/actors, location bookings and equipment used if the deposit is not paid at the time of confirmation of the proposed production filming date.


You can cancel the proposed production with Daniel Alexander Films and receive back your full deposit before Daniel Alexander Films send you a Treatment, Script or Plan for your production.


Once Daniel Alexander Films has executed the production of the agreed work, a final 50% of the agreed fee is required to begin post production of that work. The Client must provide the final 50% on or before the agreed post production schedule date. Late payments of the final 50% will result in late penalty charges and a delayed return of the final product.



Technical errors will be corrected free of charge. Client-requested changes to their video will be charged at the prevailing daily edit rate. We will supply you with a preliminary edit for you to check before the final copy/copies are made, this will need to be completed and confirmed by the client within a 24 hour time period. Once the Client is happy with the preliminary edit, Daniel Alexander Films will send a digital copy via a transfer link to the client’s given email address. Daniel Alexander Films is not liable for any requested changes after final payment is received from the Client.



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